Sunday, 20 October 2013

A few moments of your time please.

Hello dear followers and a warm welcome to my new followers who joined me this week, very glad to have you aboard and pleased that you like my blog enough to follow me, thank you.

Last time, I left you in the knowledge that I had been cursed (supposedly) by a Devil's Coach Horse (Ocypus olens) and that I had lopped the top of my finger off, a bit dramatic really, just a deep slice if truth be known. However, earlier in the year I did have a very close call with the same finger when trying to hold a small piece of wood under a circular saw. The wood was so small, that my hand was under the saw, so I couldn't really see what I was doing, and yes, you know what happened next. Thankfully, I was able to keep everything in place with some well placed plasters and lots of tight bandaging. Enough so, that it re-attached itself, although it's never felt the same since. My wife commented after my recent parcel opening mishap, that if I had completely lost the tip of my finger in the first accident, the knife would've most probably missed me in the second accident! There's sympathy for you.

Anyhoo, enough about my trials and tribulations, on with the blog which is very short this time as it is more of a very important appeal that needs your help.

A moment of your time please.

Earlier this week, author Melissa Harrison (@M_Z_Harrison) tweeted me asking if I had time to send a quick email to help save a green lane in Suffolk? I looked at the link Melissa sent along with the tweet, you can see it here

As you can see, it explains how beautiful this lane is with stickleback streams and ancient medieval sites near by and how it is much enjoyed by everyone from dog walkers and ramblers to horse riders as well, oh and drivers of 4x4's! Yes, off roaders who love to churn up the countryside in pursuit of..., well, just churning up the countryside. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not painting all 4x4 owners with the same brush as I too have a 4x4. However, I have never felt the need to go ripping up the local rural areas to see what my vehicle is capable of, if I want to travel along a river, I'll use my kayak, if I find myself looking at a muddy hill to get over, I might start thinking, I'm lost and I'm obviously not meant to be here otherwise they would've put a road here. But no, some not so conscientious 4x4 drivers have decided to use this lovely piece of countryside as their own to do with as they please, not good. However, the County Council have placed an Experimental Traffic Restriction Order on the lane preventing the 4x4 and off-road motorbikes from using it. The council have also spent money on the lane repairing the damage that has been done through their use. But the time has come where the officials have to contemplate on whether the Experimental TRO should remain in place or not and this is where you come in. Please go to the link and PLEASE send an email to the address at the bottom to give your thoughts as to why this TRO should not be lifted. 

Why should you do this?

Because even as you read this, 4x4 and other off-road groups are doing the same thing but in favour of having the TRO removed so they can carry on their pursuits. 

If the TRO is lifted, the money (our taxes) spent on repairing the damage would be wasted.

The safety aspect. Wherever machinery is involved, there is a heightened risk of accidents happening. Would you be happy to put you or your loved ones into that type of environment?

But here's the main reason why I feel the TRO should be kept in place. Please look at the Google map image below:

Dam Lane marked in Red, River in Blue.
OK, you've had a good look at the map above, now look at what surrounds Dam Lane in every direction. Fields, nothing but agricultural fields, wildlife barren deserts with no wild flowers, hedgerows, meadows or anything of value to wildlife. Nothing but the green corridor that is Dam Lane and it is these green corridors that are so important to wildlife. These are the last remnants of flourishing ecosystems that exist. These are the places that bees and hoverflies go to to seek wild flowers for nectar and pollen, where butterflies and moths lay their eggs for caterpillars to hatch and grow fat. This is the place where the Blue tit's hunt those caterpillars to feed their young. This is the last place left where the bats hunt at night after all the hedgerows were ripped up after the war to make way for bigger fields and machinery. 

If we let 4x4's continue to rip up this lane, then we continue the demise of our wild places. We add to the extinction of the wildlife around us. We will have nothing left to show younger generations when it comes to educating them about the outdoors. If you don't believe me then please read the State of Nature report and see the figures for yourself, it makes grim reading.

An email will take no more than 5 minutes of your time and will probably have much, much longer lasting effects. BUT PLEASE ACT NOW BECAUSE THE DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 2ND!!!